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VSCODE Extensions to Boost Developer Performance

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Developers are productive when they are empowered with the right tools. These VSCode extensions help them to do so.

5. Codelf


One of the biggest problem of a developer is naming things like variables, functions, files, etc. Codelf aids a developer to come up with names that make sense which in turn increases readability.


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4. Code Spell Checker

Code Spell Checker

This VSCode helps you spell check your code and documentation while trying to keep the number of false positives to the minimum.


3. TabNine


Helps you code faster with AI powered code completions for free.


2. Git Lens

Git Lens

This VSCode extension helps you maximize the potential of git and allow you to gain valuable insights via rich visualizations and comparison tools.


1. Prettier

Prettier You will surely want to implement standards on formatting your code. This extension will empower you to do so.


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